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Reinvent the store experience to drive more value and engagement
Digital and physical are two sides of the same coin

Freestanding Display

"Eye-catching" - Work with multiple customers at the same time, without ever leaving the station. A true playground for customers, where they have the ability to try on a variety of shapes, and look at the front colors & temples available.

Custom Box

With a "Posh Sense" - offer the benefits of one-on-one experience, and start creating the perfect frame with your customer, based on his/her life style and personal preferences. 

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Made-To-Measure Display

Looking for innovative solutions for your shop?
THEMA CUSTOM SHOP offers a flexible and tailor-made service that will revolutionize your business!
A new buying and selling experience that will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

THEMA-A Family Factory
At our Company, we consider ourselves divergent thinkers and are constantly collaborating with our team on innovation, creation and unique eyewear that appeals to all our final consumers. Presenting not just new products but also new services, and customizable options, to improve the retail experience for our customers allows us the ability to be unique in the ever-changing eyewear manufacturing industry.